The Three Toughest Oil Rig Injuries

Just about every business in the world comes with some risk. Oil rig injuries happen way too often,and they don’t seem to be slowing down in frequency any time soon. While a person can suffer from a variety of injuries,here is a look at the three toughest to deal with. All of these common injuries on oil rigs can take a long time to recover from and might require the services of a offshore injury attorney .

Brain Injuries

Using a hard hat is a must,but even with one,there is a risk of brain injury every single time reporting to work. There are falling objects all the time on job sites,and decks can collapse at any time. Brain injuries are no joke,as they can sometimes be serious enough that it becomes impossible to go back to work.

Bone Breaks

Have a bone break might not be the worst possible injury one can go through,but it certainly isn’t fun either. That is because a person who breaks a bone is likely going to miss some oil rig work time. A person can break a bone slipping or falling off of a rig,or any piece of equipment for that matter. Objects falling from above can also ultimate break a bone or two.


Finally,burns are something that no one wants to deal with. That is because a severe burn,either from heat or chemicals,can sometimes leave a lasting mark on a person. Skin is not meant to deal with serious burns,and they can happen at any time on an oil rig.

Even though burns don’t seem to last as long as brain injuries and bone breaks,they can still hinder a person’s performance at work. In fact,all three of these injuries on the high end can keep people out of work for months and months. A maintenance and cure dispute can help them through this.

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