What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Tutor

Though it is not easy,education experts agree on ways to identify extraordinary tutors. You can use an elaborate screening and interview process to work out a list of some of the finest tutors and educators. You can also employ your internally developed parameters to evaluate the tutors as most of them come with incredible academic credentials.

Once a new tutor is hired,he should be evaluated and checked if he is undergoing training regularly so that he keeps improving his knowledge and craft. Here we are going to provide our tips about how you should select the best tutor for your purpose.

This involves a list of 5 questions or considerations that can evaluate the candidates and help you zero in on the best one for your requirements.

Ask the tutor to tell about himself / herself

You should start with knowing the person you are going to hire as a tutor. Do you like him at the personal level? This is an important consideration as it would decide how your working relations are going to be.

Are there some common interests between two of you? Can the tutor inspire and encourage you? A tutor or coach has to develop a sense of relationship and rapport to be successful. This is important for you to decide on the tutor.

The point is that the potential tutor should be able to develop a rapport with his student. He should be able to encourage and inspire the student to achieve higher-level goals.

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What makes a good tutor?

Check the potential tutor how nuanced his or her reflections are. For an educator,this is an important attribute. Let’s see the capacity of the tutor to see the nuances and reflect in a nuanced way. This quality will allow the tutor to see the specific needs of the students and also their viewpoints.

This is necessary both for explaining complex concepts and hands-on training. The ability to nuance the instructions is necessary to meet academic and training challenges that a tutor is going to face. Tutors who claim to have taught many students or know a lot may not be up to much if his or her approach to teaching is not nuanced.

Going by academic laurels or tutoring experience will not lead you to the right tutor. What needs to be identified is the strong drive to teach that will automatically bring in everything including a nuanced approach to teaching.

Consider experience & qualifications

Teaching and tutoring are professional assignments that any teacher or tutor will like to accomplish with ease and success. But that’s a tutor’s perspective. For a student,especially someone who is struggling with his course materials,he needs a tutor who can understand the exact problem that’s stopping the student’s progress and help him overcome it.

Of course,this requires experience in handling such cases as well as the depth of knowledge to pinpoint the problem. Asking the tutor if he or she has taught students the same subjects with similar difficulties previously is the right question to ask. Consider the tutor’s academic expertise as well.

Ask for a planning or blueprint

Education is a systematic process. One level of knowledge and proficiency leads to the next level of curiosity and solutions. Your tutor should be able to show this sense of progression in his or her approach.

A more commercially-minded tutor would think in terms of session-by-session approach. So,let’s ask the tutor how he or she is going to take up the responsibility to deliver a well-defined learning outcome.

Whether it is just homework or for a few chapters of the physics textbook that you are looking to hire a tutor,you should ask how the tutor is planning to accomplish the task and deliver measurable results.

Ask for previous tutoring references

You should ask the tutor to give you references of families where he or she has given tuitions. You should call up the references and ask about how the tutor was and whether he or she was able to achieve the set academic goals.

Working with a Tutoring agency has this benefit that they do a thorough background check of the tutors including checking out the references the tutors have provided. But if you are interviewing an independent individual tutor,you will have to do the interview and ask most appropriate questions,which may not be all very comfortable. But this is necessary to find the right tutor for your child’s needs.

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